March into My Heart

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I’m Patty Lazarus.

I am a published author, blogger and mother of two sons and a daughter I adopted at birth in the U.S. After spending nine years as an Account Manager for Microsoft, I left to focus on raising our children and became actively involved in their schools and several Seattle area charities as a board member and fundraiser. I live near Seattle, Washington with my husband and three beautiful children, and I enjoy golf, tennis and travelling with my family.

I began writing when my adopted daughter was five, hoping to convey the specifics of our journey to find her when she began to ask questions. Along the way, my work took on new meaning for me. As I wrote about all that was involved in finding her, the emotions prevailed and instead of a journal about the details and people we met, it became a story about why I needed a daughter after the loss of my dear mother and how important the search for a daughter became. I began to think about all the women who needed a child but couldn’t conceive and my memoir began to take on new significance.

Over the past year, I have been writing this blog about my experiences, philosophies, disappointments, joyous moments, and various emotions surrounding my life as an adoptive mother, hoping to reach readers who may benefit from it. Some of my readers may be, as I was, suffering from infertility or may be current adoptive parents, while others may just need comfort in challenging times. At times, exposing the personal aspects of my life in the blog has been difficult to tolerate, as a writer and a mother, but as I have come to notice through comments, vitally important to so many readers. Publishing my blog, and now my memoir, is my way of giving back for the amazing gift of my daughter.

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  1. Loretta Tweed

    I lost my Mom many years ago at Christmas, and my daughter is a Christmas baby…<3
    She is my Shining Star!
    My son is my Sonshine who after after her death (he was a year old) and my separation/divorce (two years old) became My Rock…They are both the Lights and Joy in my World!
    I am Proud to be their Mom!

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